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Beauty of Integrating Cooking into Spiritual

Cooking is a personal affair in as much as it is a social act too. If you cook for yourself, you develop a sense of belonging for and with the food.
If you cook for others in the family, friends, guests or catering food for guests, you extend the belonging to all of them. There are some strains of love and compassion at work. As a Chef, there are certain internal changes going on within you that you desire should be reflected in the food you cook, and someone else eats. Anything that involves love is spirituality. The food prepared at home or catering should have a spiritual value and intent. At home you try to satiate your metabolic hunger, in the catering you actually satiate your mind too, with or without your conscious knowledge.
Spirituality does not necessarily require a lifestyle devoted to religious practices such as going to the Church / Temple/ Mosque or Gurdwara, making offerings, saying prayers, and so on.
Cooking offers an ideal, everyday and priceless opportunity to be spiritual. You satisfy both your personal and your social obligations. As someone who cooks for the guests or in a restaurants, a sense of spirituality is bound to influence your daily activities. You begin a day with a spiritual outlook, which is derived from cooking, and whatever you do the rest of the day becomes an extension of a spiritual practice you started in the morning. The outlook lingers on till the next dawn and grows and continues day by day.
Our Vedic influence on food, in a sense, attains a spiritual dimension here with the perfection of a sophisticated art.
India is the home not only of “Cooking of Food” and also of the science of healthful living. The scripture known as he Ayur-veda, is the oldest known work on Biology, Hygiene, Medicine, and Nutrition.
Happy & Healthy Living……..


7th IFCA International
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