IFCA aims to develop the culinary professiona and promote curilnary tourism even as it continuously scaled up Indian cuisine on the Global platform


With deference to WACS directive that each country institute certification programs to facilitate the validation of titles for the WACS Certification Program that has been conducted successfully for the past 4 years, the Indian Federation of Culinary Associations (IFCA) in consultation with a leading Certificate Consultant, Chef Michael Baskette has developed a professional certification program for student chefs, sous chefs, training chefs, pastry chefs, executive chefs and master chefs to validate the expertise of chefs at various career levels within the professional food service industry. Testrac, a reputed Testing agency in USA, will facilitate the testing. This agency has already been engaged by American Culinary Federation and has high recommendations.

The IFCA Professional Certification program also aims to be a guideline for continuous professional development. Whether you are a seasoned chef or a student chef beginning his or her career, IFCA Certification is a vehicle for building and strengthening a professional food service career throughout the chef’s professional life.


Once the level of professional certification of candidates is determined, identified candidates have to provide their education and experience documents to support their applications along with their completed certification application. Each candidate for professional certification should completely review these certification guidelines, procedures and policies before submitting their application to IFCA. If there are any questions they should contact IFCA administrators directly.

Candidates determine the level of professional certification they will be applying for from the description of the levels printed below. Once the level has been identified candidates would collect education and experience documents to support their applications before completing the official certification application and submitting it to IFCA. A non-refundable administration review fee of `2000 has to be paid in with the submission of the application. Therefore it is important that the application is received in proper order.

Once the application has been reviewed and the level of certification approved by administrators of IFCA the candidate will be invited to take an online written level specific examination.

Once the confirmed test results are received by the IFCA office award certificates and letters will be issued.

If the candidate is not successful in passing the examination the first time they are encouraged to study further and challenge the examination again after a thirty (30) day hiatus. The cost for taking any examination a second time is currently Rs.2500 .


ach written examination is designed to measure the knowledge competencies required for the level of certification candidates are applying for. Each certification test is constructed from a data base of over 1,000 certification questions made from a series of questions in ten (10) different subject areas. These subject areas are:

  • Basic Cookery
  • Advanced Cookery
  • Basic Baking
  • Advanced Baking and Pastry
  • Sanitation
  • l HACCP
  • Basic nutrition
  • Nutritional Cooking
  • Kitchen Management
  • World Cuisine

IFCA Certified Chefs can upgrade their positions any time they meet the required levels of education and training for a higher level. Complete the application process with the new details.
A new written examination will be required matching the level of certification upgrade.


If an IFCA Certified Chef decides to renew their certification after 5 years they would complete a Certification Renewal Application, provide additional evidence of education and experience and submit it to the IFCA office for processing.


Professional cooks and chefs need to keep learning throughout their careers as information about foods, sanitation, hygiene, nutrition and management continue to evolve.
For this reason all IFCA Certified Chefs are asked to renew their certification in five year increments by showing evidence of continued employment in the field and continuous professional development.


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