STUDENT CHEF                  

SOUS CHEF                         

EXECUTIVE CHEF               


TRAINING CHEF                  



(Master Chef requires a separate application)

A professional cook or baker enrolled in a formal apprenticeship program or
culinary school.- Rs.(3000)

A professional chef who is responsible for one or more cooking stations in a food
service operation.- Rs.(5000)

A professional chef who is in charge of one or more food service operations.- Rs.(9000)

A professional pastry chef in charge of a pastry department in a food service
operation or independent bakery and pastry shop.- Rs.(9000)

A professional chef who teaches at a recognized school or institution or
formalized apprenticeship program.- Rs.(9000)

EDUCATION/TRAINING: List all related education and training including apprenticeship training, culinary school/college and all Continuing Professional Development (CDP). Everything listed will need proper verification. A three (3) year degree in culinary or hospitality/tourism is required for all levels. Executive Chef, Executive Pastry Chef and Training Chef are also required to supply evidence of HACCP training.





RELATED EXPERIENCE: List all relevant industry experience. Everything listed will need proper verification. List only those positions held in the past ten years.





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Note: Additional pages may be added as needed to supply all relevant information. All listed education and experience must be documented by the submission of: certificates, diplomas, CDPs, employer letters, professional references, or other forms of official validation. Please send copies only; the entire application and its documents will remain at the IFCA office as a part of your permanent certification folder.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: I acknowledge that the awarding of Indian Federation of Culinary Associations (IFCA) Certification is contingent upon the successful completion of all certification requirements for the level I am attempting including the completion of this application, the payment of appropriate fees, and the passing of the comprehensive written examination.

FEES:There is an initial application review fee of 2000 that must accompany this application. Once your application has been reviewed and the level of certification verified based on the information given in this application you will be invited to challenge
the IFCA Certification Examination for the specific level of certiofication. At that time the test fee and certification process fee will be collected.

Currently these fees are:
  • Student Chef:                           3000Rs
  • Sous Chef:                               5000Rs
  • Executive Chef:                       9000Rs
  • Executive Pastry Chef:           9000Rs
  • Chef Trainer:                           9000Rs
  • RELEASE FROM LIABILITY: I hereby give IFCA and their official representative’s permission to investigate and review the information supplied, and I release from liability all persons and companies supplying such information. I indemnify all persons I have listed as part of this application against any liability which might result from such an investigation. In the event that this application is rejected on the basis of information furnished by myself or third parties which in the judgment of IFCA would make me ineligible for certification, I agree to hold all parties harmless in this regard and furthermore I agree to accept the IFCA Certification Committee’s decision as to my eligibility for this certification.

    PUBLICATION AND PROMOTIONS: I agree to allow IFCA to promote my certification if earned in official IFCA literature, press releases and web site. CODE OF PROFESSIONAL ETHICS: I agree to follow the conditions outlined in IFCA’s Code of Professional Ethics and accept that the continuation of my IFCA Certification is contingent upon my professional behavior. Certification may be revoked for any deliberate or negligent breaches to the IFCA Code of Professional Ethics.

    As an IFCA certified chef I shall always strive to do the following:

  • Improve the image of the professional cook, chef and pastry chef in India and around the world.
  • Respect the opinions of others while openly sharing my own ideas for the improvement of the industry, my colleagues and my customers.
  • Treat others with fairness, honesty and integrity; as I expect to be treated by them.
  • Share knowledge freely to other professionals and apprentices, and be open to receive knowledge back from them.
  • Respect governmental laws and regulations.
  • Respect the cultural diversity of others; and look for its advantages.
  • PAYMENT: The application review fee of 2000 is due with this application and all suport materials.

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