Enhancing Education

IFCA has instituted focussed Educational initiatives and programs that have helped take standards to new highs.

WACS Certified Chef (WCC) certification program

In 2006, IFCA started a pilot project of WACS Certified Chef (WCC) certification program, recognizes international culinary excellence and is a testament to culinary professionalism and personal achievements. Certification is based on international standards of education and training, with qualifications determined by individual member countries. Only 5 other countries were qualified for this program along with India (the other countries being Scotland, Australia, Singapore and Ireland). WCC provided recognition to the individual along with the organization they work for. As part of the program, 11 Indian chefs received an international accreditation from WACS-the global authority on food – for culinary management on par with global standards.

Participation in Education Committee

IFCA’s General Secretary Dr. Chef Soundararajan P was elected as part of the Global WACS Education Committee in 2006. As part of the Education committee, he helped to prepare the first Train the Trainer program concept note, and successfully implemented the WACS certified program and the Train the Trainer Program in India. He has also presented about the WACS certified program for the Chefs in Mauritius.

Train the Trainer Program

Train-the-Trainer works to support culinarians in teaching positions (whether overseeing apprentices in a kitchen or teachers in classrooms), schools and education programs to offer a better quality education. The program brings together volunteer IFCA expert chefs to teach and share their knowledge about cooking, baking and global cuisine to other teachers and trainers from all parts of the world who can then hand down the knowledge in their own countries. IFCA has organized a number of Train The Trainer programs since then. Hundreds of Chefs from distinguished organisations across India have stood to benefit. Trainers have also been deputed to other countries to exchange and train International chefs in Indian cuisine.

Judging & Hygiene Seminar

Judging Seminar is a globally standardised training program for WACS Approved Judges to create international standards for all “WACS Endorsed” culinary competition which is a guarantee for transparency, objectivity and overall quality. WACS Approved Judges will make sure that a fair and consistent level is achieved around the world with specific and measured judging criteria along with standardized competition rules and guidelines. IFCA obtained the licence of the Judging Seminars for the benefit of chefs in India. IFCA has so far conducted two Judging Seminars in 2008 and in 2012 and one Hygiene Seminar in 2008.

IFCA Certification Program

IFCA Certification Program, launched during the 5th National Culinary Congress 2012
aims at providing resources and knowledge on global standards. The IFCA Certification program has been formulated in consultation with a leading Certificate Consultant; Chef Michael Baskett who has developed a professional certification program for student chefs, sous chefs, training chefs, pastry chefs, executive chefs and master chefs to validate the expertise of chefs at various career levels within the professional food service industry. Testrac, a reputed Testing agency in USA, also used & recommended by American Culinary Federation facilitates the tests with an online proctor system which is the current international standard for individual testing. The IFCA Professional Certification program aims to be a guideline for continuous professional development for seasoned chefs to student chefs.

Certification Program

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IFCA Biennial National Culinary Congress

The IFCA’s International Chef’s Biennial Conference now rebranded as IFCA’s International Chefs Conference is a space where other renowned Chefs from across the world will attend the event and interact with leading professionals in the F & B industry. The prime objective of Chef’s Conference is to facilitate an awareness of inspiring legendary cuisine and contemporary culinary trends to the Indian fraternity, even as it aims to facilitate learning, sharing experiences and networking in a professional group. The Conference provides delegates with an opportunity to advance their professional development by enhancing their culinary skills through informative seminars, forums and cutting-edge demonstrations.

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Global Representations

IFCA has represented India in the 33rd WACS World Culinary Congress held in Dubai, 34th WACS World Culinary Congress in Santiago de Chile, 35th in South Korea 36th in Norway. IFCA has represented India in the Asia Pacific Forum continuously every year from 2004. In these events IFCA has presented the legacy of India and the culinary traditions of Indian cuisine.

IFCA has represented India in the World Culinary Olympics held in Erfurt Germany. IFCA also represents India in the Global Culinary Challenge, Global Pastry Challenge, Global Junior Cup.

IFCA represents and holds the Presidium of Bocuse d’Or India and represented India during the last 4 editions and has also competed under the Indian Flag.

Interfaces with Various National Chefs Associations

IFCA interfaces with Various National Chefs Associations across 103 countries worldwide in networking, promoting and exchange of Culinary traditions. IFCA has been invited during the Judging seminar held in Singapore and to judge culinary competitions such as FHA in Singapore, Chefs Challenge in Penang Malaysia, Chefs Challenges in China, International Culinary Art and Exhibition competition at Sri Lanka. IFCA Presidium is also proud to be a Honorary member of the World Association of Chefs Societies, Saudi Arabian Chefs Association, Gulf Chefs Association, Chefs Guild of Lanka.

IFCA works closely with various Government Organizations and International Councils such as World Sushi Skill Institute and Japanese Trade Promotion council to organize Sushi Workshops and promotion of Lentils along with Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Association.

The Indian Federation is all focussed to march ahead with India as it takes on the world, even as it empowers each of its members with the knowledge that stretches the realms of the hospitality industry, touching and empowering the lives of all who reach out to it. Connect back to the core of the hospitality industry. It’s from where it all started.


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