IFCA Women Forum

IFCA aims to develop the culinary professiona and promote curilnary tourism even as it continuously scaled up Indian cuisine on the Global platform


Chef Manisha Bhasin
Official Designation

Chef Madhu W. Krishnan
Official Designation

Chef Kainaz Messmann
Official Designation

Chef Arti Thapa

IFCA Women Forum

IFCA Women’s Forum (Indian Federation of Chef’s Association) is an initiative which strives to increase visibility of women chefs within the country and in International platforms.

It endeavours to support them in their efforts to advance their careers while balancing work and family. IFCA Women’s forum initiative was initiated under the guidance of Chef Manjit Singh Gill and Chef Soundarajan along with Chef Manisha Bhasin at 5th IFCA Chefs Congress held in Bangalore in 2012.

President Chef Manisha Bhasin
Vice President Chef Madhu W. Krishnan
Secretary Chef Kainaz Messmann
Director Communications Chef Arti Thapa

The strength of the ICF membership has grown over the years to 150 members.


1. To provide effective material and moral support to members.

2. To defend the general interests of the profession, to preserve, propagate and develop the genuine principles of culinary art.

3. To centralise and distribute useful information to members.

4. To safeguard and further the dignity and high vocational and social standing of the profession.

5. To popularise Indian cuisine through various media in international markets.

6. To educate people about food and the profession through a series of programmes.

7. To organise regional and national culinary shows to promote excellence in the field of food production. The best national talents could represent India and be honoured by various international culinary associations.

8. To be involved in hotel schools and apprenticeship training programmes.

9. To publish a National Directory of Chefs and a quarterly newsletter for the members.

10. To assist professional chefs to publish books and write articles on their specialty cuisines.

11. To create a platform that will liaise with the government to help develop the chef community.

12. To make our country a proud and respected member of the World Association of Cooks Societies (WACS) to help in the globalisation of the Indian Chef.


7th IFCA International
Chefs Conference