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Jamboo / Jimbu-Chef Manjit Gill

Jamboo / Jimbu – Alium Hypsistum is a Himalayan herb but as dried leaves of a local onion and leaf garlic and unknown outside Himalayan region – Uttrakhand ( Garhwal and Kumao ). The herb looks like dry brownish-green grass and has a distinct flavor somewhat similar to garlic and shallots. The leaves and tender stems are carefully picked and dried, which weakens the flavor. But when sauteed with desi ghee / butter until light brown, the fragrance becomes strong very pleasant. The natives of Uttrakhand have a remarkable fondness for this herb and they use it as a tempering to flavor dals, legume, vegetables and pickles.
Jamboo is perennial herb. It grows completely wild. The dried and processed leaves and tender foliage provide excellent seasoning with desirable aroma. It has a taste between onion and chives with subtle garlic. Once you try and enjoy the flavour of Jamboo, I am sure it will have the permanent place in your spice & herb box. Must try best result is with desi ghee on low heat.


7th IFCA International
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